Recap: Driver challenge

Thursday, driver Jacques Beaudoin had an excellent evening by winning no less than 5 races on the night, by driving to the finish line  Hawaiian Drummond,  Flight Of An Angel,  Optima Kemp,  Private Interview & Toga Town. Driver Sylvain Lacaille managed to grab a couple of wins on the night also. He got the job done with horses Broadway Prince & Bettim Chris. The four year olds pacing mare Dana Salaam recorded her second straight wins for driver/trainer Brian Collins.

On Sunday, the NCRHHA prepared a special driver challenge between our two rising stars Louis-Philippe Roy and Brett MacDonald. At the end of the evening, Roy proved to be the champion with a slight edge. MacDonald was hard to beat, as he managed an excellent night by recording a hat trick with horses What A Rush, Red Mist & K Slater.

On the trainers side, three trainers ended the evening with two wins each;  Yves Tessier ( Three Rockets & Aarons Mattjesty ),  Sebastien Giroux ( Norvena Hanover & Red Mist ) and  Ron MacDonald  ( What A Rush & K Slater ). The 9 year olds pacer The Love Bug recorded his third straight wins for driver Richard Simard and trainer Stephen Leblanc.

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Pictures by All Sports Photographic inc.