National Caretaker Appreciation Day Events across Canada this weekend!

 Harness racing tracks and horseperson’s associations across the country are making final preparations for the inaugural edition of National Caretaker Appreciation Day events being held this weekend, July 20-22.

Initiated by Standardbred Canada, the project received uaninimous support from racetracks and associations across the country earlier this year.

Thirteen standardbred racetracks, along with their local or provincial horsemen’s associations will recognize and reward the caretakers, some of the hardest working individuals in the sport.

Caretakers are the unsung heroes of harness racing, and are critical to the success of any horse in any stable and charged with the responsibility of making sure the horses they care for are happy and healthy, physically and emotionally.

The caretaker’s relationship with the horse is by far the closest. They provide the daily care and attention to the equine athletes, and are the individuals behind-the-scenes who help keep the show running. They will work seven days a week, and sacrifice their holiday and family time to make sure the horses are properly cared for.

The events will feature: recognition of all caretakers racing horses on the day’s card, awards for caretakers of winning horses, refreshments, recognition certificates, draw prizes and more.

“We are very excited about this initiative to recognize and reward the caretakers, the foundation and backbone of our industry. This gives us the opportunity to help people understand the importance of their job, and generate greater awareness of the entry level jobs in the industry,” said Dan Gall, President & CEO, Standardbred Canada.

In addition to the on track events, there is also a national “selfie” contest open to all caretakers across the country and the Canadian Horse Racing Hall of Fame Ticket Giveaway for five pairs of tickets to the August 8 Induction Ceremony, courtesy of the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation.