Jacques Beaudoin receives milestone of 4500 wins!

Jacques Beaudoin, a regular at the track, just achieved his 4500th win. Indeed he won the first race of last Thursday night racing program with Star Speed, with 5-1 odds.

JB4500WinsAs a child, harness racing was a second nature to Jacques Beaudoin as he witnessed is father racing and spent most of his summers in the paddock. At 16, he stayed away from this path and chose to become a lumberjack. His illustrious career lasted for about an hour before he was fed up. “There were so many mosquitoes; they flew me off the ground! After an hour I said: that’s it I’m out of here!”  he recounts laughing.

Lucky for us, he went back to his roots. He drove his first race at 18 and won. This was the beginning of his real harness racing career, which made him move numerous times. “I was like a cowboy on the gold rush, trying to find my next big win” he explains, which brought him here, where he still races to this day.

He is very proud of this accomplishment, as he never thought he would get this far. He of course hopes for another milestone. But as the number of races is limited, he doesn’t expect to reach the coveted 5000 wins soon. Appreciated by his colleagues with is cheerful demeanor, it is easy to see why this driver still thrives. He obviously still loves this sport, but also the memories he built over the years and the people he shares them with.