Recap : Long shot winners!

dsc_3963emLast week of racing was certainly an eventful one. To get it started last Thursday, Louis-Philippe Roy was once again the star of the night by visiting the winner’s circle 4 times. He got his 4 wins with horses Jens Credit, Stiletto Heels, Ice O Late & Miss Print. This gave a chance for Stiletto Heels to achieve a new lifetime mark of 1:57.1. Kassaras Song also reached a new record of 1 :57.4. Plus, the 2 year olds colt Noplay went on to win his third straight victory for driver Stephane Pouliot and trainer Melanie Plourde.

Sunday evening was impressive, with driver Ted McDonald finishing the night with 3 wins, which two of them came up with horses that he also trained ( Meersburg & Shadow Newton ) as his first win of the night was registered with  Slight Touch. Three other drivers raced for 2 victories each.  Richard Simard (Whats My Name & Caroluzzo) Louis-Philippe Roy (My Buddy Mason & Cool Jack) and Clarke Steacy (Bettim Jenny & Confident Fella).

Kelly Duval-Lacaille, daughter of driver Sylvain Lacaille, got to celebrate her very first career victory as a trainer in the first race with her mare Jewels In The Sand.  Kelly was all smile in the winner’s circle getting her picture taking with her mom and dad!

Sunday was also very surprising as long shots astonished handicappers by finishing first place, before crowd favorites. Indeed, the evening started with Jewels In The Sand, a 34-1 odds in first place. Jefferson Tare in 5th race was victorious despite his 27-1 odds. This was followed by another surprising finish line in race 6 as Caroluzzo, 20-1 odds, came in first. The winner of race 12 was also unanticipated as Confident Fella won against 19-1 odds.

Pictures by All Sports Photographic inc.